Eastern Uganda

Our trips in Eastern Uganda are carried out in association with Kanginima Hospital ( a rural hospital serving the Pallisa District near Mbale. Surgeries are performed in the hospital’s 4 operating theatres, and the clinical staff helps with our village outreach to the local area. From here we have also performed outreaches to the Karamoja region in the northeast. Typically our teams stay at a hotel in Mbale and travel daily to the hospital and village sites.

Western Uganda

Our trips to Western Uganda are carried out with the assistance of the Tooro Kingdom and the local governing council. Local providers from Kanginima have traveled west to assist us as well. Outreaches extend to far western Uganda sometimes passing through the edge of a game park to villages near the Semiliki River that is the border with Congo. These villages often have high numbers of Congolese refugees. Surgeries are performed at a health unit in the village of Kabuta just through the Rwenzori Mountains. Typically our teams stay at a hotel in Fort Portal and travel daily to the work sites.

Water Projects

The water projects are performed in conjunction with our activity in Eastern Uganda. There are many springs that are used by the population there, that are typically ground pools that are not sanitary. In conjunction with Lodoi Foundation’s engineers we fund the construction of protected spring water sources at these sites by digging out the source of the spring and installing a natural filtration and directing system which funnels the water into pipes installed in a cemented runoff. This can provide a source of clean potable water for 500 to 2000 people depending on the size of the spring.

Healthcare Scholarships

We are currently providing scholarships for 2 medical students who will serve at Kanginima Hospital for 5 years once their studies are complete. Additionally we are hoping to provide scholarships for nursing students once the nursing school at Kanginima opens.